The matching model is more suitable to describe the human resource process or HR Solutions .Strategic HRM is related to corporate strategy in areas such as structure, culture and employeer sourcing and development

In our company, the matching model is more suitable to describe the human resource process or HR Solutions. Strategic HRM is related to corporate strategy in areas such as structure, culture and employee resourcing and development. The most important capital in an asset management company is human capital. Strategically the company strives to maintain a high competitive advantage in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, the company needs to ensure the competence of the workforce. Human resources processes adopted in our company place emphasis on the strategic intent of the company through recruitment and selection, training, performance management and reward.

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The human resources department is one of the core parts of your company or organization. It should efficiently maximize the performance of your employees for the benefit of your company’s objectives and aims. The primary focus of any human resource department should be on the management of people. This starts with the way your staff are selected and recruited, how you train and develop them, their appraisal and the rewards they receive for their performance. A HR department has to manage pay and benefits, deal with industrial relations and implement any relevant governmental laws. Using an IT package that covers all these aspects of the HR role is a vital tool for any company. Human resources solutions provided by Talentsoft can be trusted to provide a software system of integrated talent management. Talentsoft’s package of ‘software as a service’, or SaaS, is a fully customizable tool that helps deal with all your human resource actions.

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Recruitment is the process of acquiring a pool of candidates with the desired knowledge, skills, attributes and experience and Selection is the process of interview, reference checking and testing or assessment that assists you to ensure the best candidate is appointed

Campus hiring is usually a large recruitment process where a lot of money, time and efforts are involved. The process involves analyzing a candidate’s educational qualifications Campus hiring has always been associated with large corporations who look for candidates in a huge number. But, does that mean that there is no scope for smaller companies at all? Well, it is time to change this concept among recruiters

Recruit and Train HR staff. Develop Key Processes  Recruitment, New Hire Orientation, KRA setting. Develop collaterals for Recruitment and Branding. Develop Performance Management Systems. These are the HR Solution We provide

HR functions are among the services organizations are most likely to choose to outsource. Important Function-

  • High-volume recruiting.
  • Temporary staffing.
  • Background checks and drug screening.
  • Relocation.
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Always ready for HR Support. Many companies struggle on without the aid of an HR Manager or any form of HR support at all

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